A nationally representative US study has found that 35.8% of students in their last year of high school have used an e-cig, meaning there are more US teenagers vaping than smoking.

As debate around the safety of vaping rumbles on both in the US and the UK, it seems that e-cigarettes use is only gaining popularity, with the 35.8% dwarfing the 26.6% that had tried smoking.

Richard Miech, principal investigator of the survey, which researched the lifestyle of tens of thousands of students, argues that vaping has gone beyond just a cigarette alternative.

“Vaping has become a new delivery device for a number of substances, and this number will likely increase in the years to come,” added Miech.

This hasn’t stopped lawmakers from regulating e-cigs across the pound, though, with a US senator advising the FDA to regulate the vaping industry and e-cigarette devices now.

Moreover, the state of New York imposed an indoor vaping ban last month.

The study also found that drug abuse, smoking and drinking rates are declining.