Despite appeals to support e-cigs for health purposes, Australian authorities have turned down the opportunity to legalise e-liquid containing nicotine.

New Nicotine Alliance Australia crafted a proposal that was rejected by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, the Australian Department of Health body that regulates products with potentially medicinal properties.

It never seemed likely that the e-cig lobby group would be successful. The TGA has banned nicotine outside of standard nicotine replacement therapies and traditional tobacco products, declaring it a controlled substance.

However, there are Australian vapers despite the sale of nicotine-containing e-cigs being illegal.

The e-cig lobby group was aiming to convince the TGA to promote e-cigs as a viable method of smoking cessation, or harm reduction method. The TGA said the risk of nicotine addiction was the reason for the decision, and said there is insufficient evidence on the long-term effects of vaping.

In the UK, vaping has helped thousands quit smoking, and is considered the best smoking cessation by some.