According to reports, e-cigarettes could be taxed at the same rate as tobacco, to the dismay of those who support their health benefits.

After a number of EU countries reportedly agreed on the matter, members can levy more tax on e-cigarette products.

Currently, e-cigarettes, carrying a VAT levy of 20%, aren’t taxed at the level of normal cigarettes.

If the changes are made, the cost of a £23 e-cigarette could rocket to £53 of higher.

The move is to compensate for falling revenues as smokers switched to the devices.

This is likely to enrage supporters of the devices who argue that they’re a fantastic method to quit cigarettes.

Deborah Arnott, from the health campaign group ASH, said the move could discourage smokers from switching to e-cigarettes.

“If the EU were to require member states to tax electronic cigarettes like tobacco products it would be seriously detrimental to public health,” said Arnott.

Similarly, Ukip leader Nigel Farage took to Twitter, saying he was appalled by the decision.

It was recently revealed that the devices are 95% safer than regular cigarettes.