Lord Callanan has set a motion that could stop the implementation of the Tobacco Products Directive in the UK.

Providing a glimmer of hope for the 2.6 million UK vapers, Lord Callanan is hoping to gather enough support to force a debate and a vote.

Under parliamentary rules, the TPD implementation in the UK will fail if the Lords agree to the motion. This is called a “fatal motion”, meaning the regulation is ditched before it even gets to the House of Commons.

Lords have until the 10th of June to vote against the TPD, the day which will make the end of the 40 day “praying time” where a motion can block legislation.

In support, vapers have taken to social media, tweeting #LordsVapeVote, and aiming it at political figures @Number10gov, Labour leader and vape supporter @JeremyCorbyn and @MartinCallanan, the Lord who started the motion.

Vapers will be keeping their fingers crossed, hoping some of the horrific new changes proposed by the TPD don’t come to fruition.