A survey has found that the majority of Americans would prefer e-cigarettes regulated and almost half want vaping banned in restaurants. Despite the majority preferring the regulations, the poll is largely a mixed bag of results. The Gallop poll discovered 60% wanted e-cigarettes regulated like cigarettes, but 19% wanted them regulated to a lesser degree than tobacco. 17% don’t feel the need for e-cigarettes to be regulated at all. Most Americans do agree that vaping is safer than smoking tobacco, one in three still believe e-cigarettes are just as harmful as normal cigarettes, despite overwhelming evidence. Many poll participants wanted to see vapers treated like smokers and expelled from smoking in public places, but not a majority. It recently emerged that a bill produced by American Politician Paul Ray was designed to raise the tax on e-cigarettes. It failed rather miserably. E-cigarettes have emerged as tremendously popular and successful in helping people kick their habits, with around 2.6 million users in the UK.