E-cig users are answering their body’s call for sweets by vaping sweet-flavoured e-liquids, according to multiple forums and message boards. It is widely known that many tobacco users gain weight when they quit, and vaper James Price has been using and mixes e-liquids to suppress his food cravings. Food diverts a smoker’s attention from smoking and nicotine is an appetite suppressant, but Price says he’s lost 26lbs since he starting vaping. “It was probably a good year before I realised that I had actually replaced snacking with vaping,” said Price. “I was a snack grabber, I really was, and I realised that when I’d get the urges in my mind, something just took over. I’d think about getting candy and then go grab a liquid I had made instead without even thinking.” We all know how effective e-cigarettes are as a smoking cessation tool. E-cigarettes are not only the most effective way of quitting, but are the most popular, too, and have been called the greatest invention ever. Vapers have been sharing stories of how they have suppressed their snacking habits by vaping flavoured e-liquid. "Whenever I get a craving for something sweet, I just vape instead of eating a sleeve of Oreos,” a Reddit user said. This gives a vaper the sweet flavour they want, without the calories. Vapers have discussed the importance of having such a wide range of flavours available, and suggest they play a vital role in quitting smoking. The FDA, and indeed the TPD, are aiming to restrict the appeal of flavours to young people, as they believe they’re tempting children.