Yesterday, the Food and Drug Administration’s “deeming” regulations became active in the US and the vaping community has already sustained damage. Acquiescing to the terms dictated by the FDA, e-cig businesses can no longer introduce new exciting vaping products without undergoing a federal review, carried out by the FDA themselves. Products currently on the markets can be sold for two years as a grace period before they will be prohibited. The vaping community and industry argue that the changes will suffocate the e-cig market, putting firms out of business and kill more in the long run as e-cigs are already recognised as 95% safer. Also, vape shop owners in the US can no longer offer free samples, which will likely lead to far less smokers making the switch to the healthier e-cigs. Supposedly, the FDA aims to sever the young generation’s attraction to e-cigs. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, who previously pressed the FDA for greater clarification on their regulation, has criticised the body as the regulations could threaten the e-cig industry. “Today, costly and time-consuming regulations will go into effect against hard-working small business owners and job creators and their customers,” says Johnson. “The FDA threatens to crush the emerging electronic-cigarette industry, leading to negative unintended consequences for public health by making it harder for consumers to buy products that serve as an alternative to smoking.”