E-liquids with packaging resembling children’s snacks, sweets, juice and biscuits are being closely monitored by the Department of Health and Social Care. Following intervention in the US market by the Food and Drug Administration, it appears the UK Government could be set to make changes to how e-liquids are advertised and packaged. At the beginning of the month, the FDA submitted 13 warning letters to US vaping manufacturers, distributors and retailers saying that some e-liquid packaging resembles “kid-friendly food products” and included “cartoon-like imagery”. The Pharmaceutical Journal says that some of the products referred to by the FDA are available among websites in the UK too. “It is against the law to sell e-cigarettes to under 18s in this country and we take advertising or promotion of these products extremely seriously – if there is any evidence of this, local trading standards have enforcement powers to take action,” said a spokesperson for the Department of Health and Social Care, who added that they will “continue to monitor this area very closely”. According to findings by Public Health England earlier this year, research indicating e-cigarette use among young people who have never smoked is “negligible, less than 1%”. Despite this, research from the campaign group Action on Smoking and Health found that 2.4% of young people in the 11-18 years bracket had used e-cigarettes.