We Are Supergood E Liquids

by Theo Wilson
Introducing Supergood E liquids

Introducing Supergood E liquids

Supergood began in 2017 with one simple goal: to make amazing vape juice. Born in the USA, and now manufacturing right here in the UK, this brand loves nothing more than creating delicious, flavoured premium-quality e liquids and sharing them with vape fans everywhere.

Brimming with slick, transatlantic style, Supergood delivers brilliant flavours that are bottled in packaging that’s simultaneously bold and understated. Keeping things clean and straightforward, their vibrant vape juice is spread over two key collections: Butter and Cocktail, with both collections offering both nicotine salts and shortfill e liquid.

Whether you prefer lounging poolside with a cool drink in hand, or delving into delicious after-dinner treats, Supergood has got you covered. Putting their own spin on established classic flavours, as well as concocting new treasures of their own, Supergood put their money where their mouth is and serve up e liquid excellence worthy of their name.

From traditional tipples such as Cosmopolitan and Peach Bellini to delightful dessert mixtures of cake, cookies, cream and meringue, Supergood e liquids are a treasure trove of treats both refreshing and rich. Whichever flavour you go for, you can be sure that these premium e liquids will provide you with bold flavours that will elevate your vape experience to joyful new heights.

What E Liquids Do Supergood Make?

For their two e liquid collections, Supergood have created a range of unique flavours. Expertly crafted, bottled and branded, with Butter and Cocktail they’ve created two distinct, easily recognisable collections. Standing out from the crowd, the sleek design of these e liquids combines an air of mystery with a direct and professional aesthetic, hinting at the state-of-the-art craftsmanship found within every bottle. Rather than crowd the label with long, tongue-twisting names, each e liquid in the Butter collection bears a simple numerical tag, with the reverse side of the bottle providing a clear listing of each element which makes up the flavour profile.

Strikingly modern, the eye-catching appearance of these e liquids strikes a bold note in an understated manner, deftly melding Supergood flavour with supergood design. Whilst the design of the Butter collection is sleek and neat, the opulent taste sensations inside these bottles promise to be a deliciously sticky mess. This range of scrumptious dessert-inspired flavours is bursting with a smorgasbord of rich, sweet flavours reminiscent of your favourite gooey, chewy, creamy, crunchy desserts.

Although Supergood clearly take their craft seriously, they know that vape fans flock to flavour, so they give it to you straight. By simply listing the key players in any given e liquid, you’ll know exactly what to expect when firing up these flavours. This touch also allows Supergood to strike out on their own path. Rather than copy pre-existing desserts, the Butter collection takes a methodical approach and combines individual flavour elements into exciting new combinations that are guaranteed to satisfy even the most veteran vape juice fans.

Available in an assortment of nic salts and shortfill e liquid, the Butter collection from Supergood guarantees rich, sweet flavours quite unlike anything you’ve seen before.

The Cocktail collection, you guessed it, transforms 10 classic cocktails into a series of vibrant shortfill e liquid and nic salt. Sharp, sweet, smooth or sour, whatever your preferred tipple is, these e liquids are bursting with a refreshing mixture of flavours, guaranteed to quench your vape juice thirst. Like their Butter collection brethren, these delectable drinks are beautifully bottled in sleek, straightforward packaging that gives a clear indication of what flavours to expect from each vivacious vape juice. Attention-grabbing splashes of primary colour gesture toward each e liquid’s overall palate, setting the tone for your oncoming enjoyment.

As with any good bar menu, the Cocktail collection lets you know exactly what strains you’re about to be savouring. A clean sans serif font lists clearly every glorious note struck by these classic cocktail flavours, such as the crisp cranberry and orange of a Cosmopolitan, or the tingly twist of pear and champagne in Pear Fizz

With 20 flavours of shortfill e liquid and 14 nic salts to choose between, it’s fair to say Supergood have got something for everyone. Every Supergood e liquid comes in a handy gorilla-style bottle for easy pouring, and each nic salt is available in nicotine strengths of 10mg and 20mg, so you can easily get into your groove. Super simple, super straightforward, Supergood.

What Flavours Do Supergood E Liquids Come In?

The Butter collection boasts a mouthwatering myriad of desserts designed to deliver ultimate vape satisfaction to even the most sweet-toothed of vape fans. Whether you prefer it creamy, rich or fruity, these shortfill superstars and nic salt niceties run the gauntlet of chewy, gooey, sugary goodness and pass with flying colours.

Rather than attempt to mimic specific desserts, these extravagant e liquids whip up wonders of their own by skillfully blending together favourite flavours that vape fans always return to. One of the most well-reviewed thus far is the Butter 01 shortfill e liquid, which serves up soothing slices of something akin to an exotic fruit tart, mixing these flavours:

● Mango.
● Passionfruit.
● Meringue.
● Cream.

Fresh, crunchy and creamy, you’ll get a wealth of wondrous flavour with this rising star of a shortfill, enveloping you in rich clouds of sheer pleasure. As well as shortfill e liquid, the Butter collection dishes out equally delectable nic salts, perfect for vape fans who want full flavour while keeping clouds on the downlow.

Vape veterans may like to think they’ve seen it all, but Supergood serves up something truly unique with Butter 06 Nic salt, boasting this one-of-a-kind blend:

● Blueberry.
● Candyfloss.
● Cookie.
● Cream.

Fresh, fragrant and fluffy, this nic salt may just be love at first vape. Not a big dessert fan? Not a problem. For all the sleek sophisticates out there, the summertime soothers covered in the Cocktail collection will really wet your whistle. Sub ohm vapers will love the refreshing blast of berry goodness that is Bramble shortfill, finely fusing together:

● Blackberry.
● Blueberry.
● Raspberry.
● Lemon.

This wickedly refreshing vape juice will keep you feeling cool, breezy and invigorated whenever you need it most. Enjoy plenty of bright uplifting flavour followed by crisp clouds that you’ll want to lounge in all day long. For a sharp contemporary twist on an all time classic, you could do a lot worse than Blue Pom Mojito nic salt. Taking the classic mojito base, it spikes it with welcome splashes of colour, combining the following fresh flavours:

● Blueberries.
● Pomegranate.
● Lime.
● Mint.
● Sugar.

Zesty, smooth and bright, this cooling nic salt beckons temptingly with a crisp, mouthwatering flavour that you’ll be loathe to put down.

Supergood E liquid at myCigara

Here at myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free. By stocking a brand like Supergood, we believe we’re much closer to that goal. With their range of eye-catching, refreshing, delicious and truly unique e liquid, we can’t help but ask: why would you ever want to go back to cigarettes?

Whether you want to please your palate with fruity fusions of Mimosa shortfill, or you’re hankering to tear into the creamy caramel cookie concoction that is Butter 04, Supergood haven’t just got the bases covered. They’ve got the bases loaded and are on deck, ready to bat in an e liquid home run.

With our ample range of vape kits to choose from, it’s easy to find a perfect hardware partner to help you get the most out of your new Supergood e liquid. Our range of nic shots perfectly complement Supergood shortfill e liquid, so you can enjoy every draw just the way you want. Plus, if you think this range of fantastic flavours from Supergood couldn’t get any sweeter, we’ve sweetened the deal even further, with free UK shipping on all orders from our webstore.