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  • Vype ePen 3 VS Vype ePod-myCigara
    November 27, 2020 Lexi Burgess

    Vype ePen 3 VS Vype ePod

    Vype ePen 3 VS Vype ePod Devices Finding the perfect vape device can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Before you find the kit of your dreams, you are bound to come across brands with less than stellar...

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  • Vype Pods Top 5 Flavours 2020-myCigara
    November 17, 2020 Lexi Burgess

    Vype Pods Top 5 Flavours 2020

    Vype are often recognised for their signature Vype ePod and Vype ePen 3 devices. Their slimline nature and ergonomic style have made them a hit with vapers from all over the country who prefer minimalistic devices that get the job done.Now more than ever,...

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  • Stoptober 2020: Meet Jess Millward-myCigara
    October 20, 2020 Lexi Burgess

    Stoptober 2020: Meet Jess Millward

    We know that Stoptober is full of obstacles. People who have decided to take on the 28 day smoke free challenge will come head to head with a long list of smoking triggers, and being able to combat those pesky nicotine...

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  • Ohm’s Law Vaping-EXPLAINED!-myCigara
    October 16, 2020 Daisy Brown

    Ohm’s Law Vaping-EXPLAINED!

    In 1827, German physicist and mathematician Georg Ohm published a revolutionary paper explaining what we know now today as Ohm’s Law. Nearly two hundred years on, his ideas are in the forefront of many peoples’ minds, consciously or unconsciously! Whilst...

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  • What are Pod Cartridges?-myCigara
    October 14, 2020 Daisy Brown

    What are Pod Cartridges?

    Here at myCigara, we have been helping our customers move towards a smoke-free life for nine years; with our honest advice and never-ending range of world-class devices, we have never been in a better place to support our customers. So,...

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  • What are disposable vape kits?-myCigara
    September 16, 2020 Lexi Burgess

    What are disposable vape kits?

    Disposable vape kits are yet another by-product of the vape industry’s sprint towards ultra-streamlined devices, fewer buttons, and more portable pens. Having gained traction in Canada and America, these kits entered the UK market during a time when many customers...

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