A report from the Freedom To Vape campaign has found that local governments across the UK are forcing vapers into using their e-cigarettes in smoking areas. It has been reported that e-cig regulation can push users can to tobacco, and a US study found that local e-cig bans can stop people from quitting smoking. Despite vaping being painted in a fairly positive light by mainstream scientific health organisations such as Public Health England, it seems local lawmakers are not keen on vaping. 112 councils forced people to vape in designated smoking areas in 2016, with many government agencies opposing such moves. This year, it has risen to 126 councils that enforce local e-cig bans. The Freedom To Vape campaign has contacted local governments for comment, and has described their attitude to vaping as “worrying”. The campaign wants councils to stop making vapers use smoking areas. Debate rages on as to whether vaping devices are healthier than regular cigarettes. The NHS in Scotland said e-cigs are “definitely healthier” than regular cigarettes in September. Are you forced to vape with the smokers? Let us know.

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