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3.5 Year Italian E-Cig Study Finds No Vaping Damage

A 3.5-year US observational e-cig study into vapers who had never smoked found no significant changes to users. Investigating health outcomes such as “blood pressure, heart rate, body weight, lung function, respiratory symptoms, exhaled breath nitric oxide , exhaled carbon monoxide , and high-resolution computed tomography of the lungs”, the study found no respiratory damage of HRTC of the lungs.

Debate rumbles on as to whether e-cigs are a healthier alternative than regular cigarettes in both the UK, Europe and the US, but lawmakers have signalled their intention to regulate the vaping industry, and have made changes.

Participants of the study were adult e-cig users, at least 18-year-old, and regularly attended local vape shops. “In spite of the small sample size and lack of comparison to smokers, careful examination of long-term health effects of EC use in a rare cohort of regular daily users who have never smoked in their life may contribute to the current understanding of the potential health risks associated with EC use,” wrote the study.

“In this study, no significant changes in systolic BP, diastolic BP or HR were observed in the EC user group throughout the study. Moreover, no notable individual changes were observed in any of the vapers consuming nicotine-containing e-liquids.

Thus, consumption of low dose nicotine did not seem to have significant adverse cardiovascular effects, as shown in recent EC studies of healthy smokers and smokers with arterial hypertension.” “Also, the latest US Surgeon General’s report that examined harm from tobacco and nicotine has concluded that - although it may adversely affect foetus and adolescent brain development – nicotine does not contribute to smoking-related diseases.”

For much more information on the study and its findings, you can find the report published on
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