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The documentary A Billion Lives has landed and has made "a compelling case".

“A Billion Lives” Clears Up The Facts About Vaping

A new documentary film called A Billion Lives by visionary director Aaron Biebert explores the e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation method and discusses the politics that surrounds vaping is receiving strong reviews. The title is a reference to the estimated number of people that will be lost this century due to smoking. The documentary laments the inaccessibility of e-cigarettes due to politics and medical personnel, and proves why e-cigs are healthier than regular cigarettes. A Billion Lives also suggests a conspiracy within the tobacco industry that continuously holds vaping back as it doesn’t want its profits to be damaged. Neil Genzlinger from the New York Times writes: “A Billion Lives is the kind of documentary that seeks to get you all worked up about an injustice but leaves you feeling as if there were nothing you could do about it.” “It’s a net broadly cast and woven of implications rather than of indisputable evidence, but — especially given the tobacco industry’s credibility problems — you’ll probably be inclined to think there’s some truth to the film’s allegations. And certainly you’ll feel for the smokers who testify movingly of being eager to try anything that might help them shake their habit.” Whilst Kimber Myers from the LA Times also argued that the documentary made “a compelling case”. It seems that A Billion Lives has got its facts spot on, if you believe mainstream science. Recent research found that e-cig vapour does not produce an oxidative stress response in lung cells, and that toxic levels in e-cigs are 95% less than regular cigarettes. Whilst US politicians have largely left e-cigs to be regulated by the FDA, there are some who have listened to science and announced their support for e-cigs. 1st District State representative for Tennessee Jon Lungberg recently slammed special e-cig tax and called vaping “positive”. To find out more about A Billion Lives, visit the website here.
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