A new astonishing report from the Office of National Statistics has claimed that Britain leads the way in Europe when it comes to quitting smoking for vaping – with one Brit swapping smoking for vaping every four minutes. The revealing report also claimed that 56.7% of British smokers quit smoking traditional cigarettes in 2015, the highest percentage since 1974. An e-cigarette retailer has also launched a study to examine the quantity of e-cig stores within a 2-mile radius of the city centre. Edinburgh lead the way with 17, with London and Birmingham at 10. However, a recent report recently said that smoking is still more popular than vaping, despite the Office of National Statistics saying a Brit switches from smoking for vaping every four minutes. There has long been a link between the two, but recent studies have shown that e-cigarettes are not a gateway to smoking. Moreover, teenaged and young vapers have dismissed the notion that vaping increases the likelihood of smoking. According to the Office of National Statistics, there were 2.20 million vapers in the UK in 2015, and 8.8m smokers in Britain in 2014. The sheer amount of people switching from cigarettes to vaping is astonishing, but there are still a lot more smokers than vapers. A study at the beginning of the month said that smokers were at a record low as Britons continue to switch to vaping.

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