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Australian Crossbench Senator Boards Vape Force One

Australian Senator Boards ‘Vape Force One’ To Battle Government

All aboard ‘Vape Force One’… An Australian crossbench senator stepped onto the ‘Vape Force One’, a van packed with pro-vaping messages and volunteers, to drive around Parliament House protesting the Government’s vaping position. The bizarre incident occurred in Canberra on Wednesday, as Cory Bernardi claimed that the government’s position on vaping and e-cigarettes doesn’t abide to the findings of health experts and mainstream science.

“The government's position is illogical. Vaping is a much safer way for people to satisfy their nicotine addiction and cravings.” There are many suggestions from lawmakers that vaping is a gateway to smoking, with some even going as far as believing that vaping is worse for health than regular cigarettes.

But the debate seems to have really riled up Senator Bernardi, who says that he boarded the ‘Vape Force One’ to raise attention and help people kick their nicotine addictions, arguing that the government's position on vaping is illogical. “This is a way to do it that does less damage to individual’s health,” said Bernardi. In Australia, it’s illegal for users to vape e-liquid contain nicotine.

Despite the Government’s position, it’s been reported that thousands of Australians are vaping and breaking the law.
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