E-cigarettes continue to smash through all in its path, becoming by far the best and most popular method of helping smokers quit. GPs are likely to begin prescribing the devices to smoking addicts soon, validating their effectiveness and safety. But how safe are they? Michael Mosley, a medical journalist, investigates the e-cig sensation. There are a few telling quotes from medical personnel in this informative and interesting piece. "A lot of people are hooked on coffee, and nicotine use would be in the same category as long as there's no other toxic chemicals that accompany it," said Prof Peter Hajek, director of the Tobacco Dependence Research Unit at Queen Mary University of London. "I think they could be a revolutionary change. They have the potential to eradicate smoking-related disease." And Prof Hajek isn't the only medical expert convinced that e-cigs are a great piece of technology. The highly regarded Dr. Farsalinos said e-cigarettes can improve the health of smokers. By the end of the extract, Mosley, who was initially skeptical, appears somewhat convinced that vaping is a viable alternative to smoking.

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