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Dinner Lady e-liquids now available at Cigara.

Cigara To Sell Dinner Lady E-Liquids

We are delighted to announce that the exciting Dinner Lady e-liquid range is now available at Cigara. Dinner Lady e-liquids are joined by 11 11 e-liquids and Tornado Vape e-liquids at Cigara to extend and diversify its range of flavours for customers. As Cigara continues its ascent to the top of the e-cig and accessories provider chain, we aim to consistently acquire and distribute the best products to our customers. So let’s run you through the Dinner Lady range. Lemon Tart e-liquid by Dinner Lady is like a sharp, delicious lemon curd topped with gooey meringue cradled in a thin pastry crust. Strawberry Custard e-liquid by Dinner Lady blends natural strawberries with sweet, creamy custard and butter-caramel. A refreshingly different strawberry vape that will leave your other e-liquids collecting dust on your shelf. Cornflake Tart e-liquid by Dinner Lady is an old-school taste. Cornflake and syrup tart with a punchy layer of strawberry jam running through. The only thing missing is the crunch. The Dinner Lady range is now available at Cigara along with 11 11 and Tornado Vape. All orders will be dispatched from Friday. For more information on Dinner Lady, check out their website.
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