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Cigara's Top Ten Liquids For The Summer

Cigara’s Best-Selling Liquids For The Summer Revealed!

As we enter the glorious summer bliss, Cigara have decided to help you out when you’re choosing liquids for the beach with our best-selling e-liquids. Needless to see, the range of e-liquids is an abyss of experimental flavours and aromas to suit everyone’s preferences.

Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or you’re a refreshing fruit fanatic, there’s an e-liquid out there for you! Many of the world’s most renowned and famous e-juice manufacturers are available from our website or in one of our stores.

Here’s what’s hot this Summer:

1). Juice & Power – Shock (Skittles Flavour) Our best-selling e-liquid at the moment is Shock by Juice & Power, an infusion of intense juicy fruit flavours which burst in your mouth creating a rainbow within the palate of your tongue. Reminiscent of Skittles, Shock e-liquid is one for any sweet shop lover!

2). Jammin – Blueberry (Blueberry Jam) A classic staple of English dessert, Blueberry Jam by Jammin makes its mark. To cram this jam so full of succulent, rich, heavenly blueberry is a testament to the hard work and perseverance of the Jammin team.

The flavours have been carefully crafted with your coils in mind so that our Jam can be thoroughly enjoyed without ruining your coils. Reminding you of home, Blueberry e-liquid is a perfect English companion for when you’re on your travels!

3). Dinner Lady – Lemon Tart The legendary Dinner Lady Lemon Tart is still going strong. This fantastic, award-winning e-liquid helped make Dinner Lady what it is today. And what is that? A gooey meringue with a zest from fresh lemons. Unbeatable!

4). Jammin – Strawberry (Strawberry Jam) Strawberry Jam e-liquid will take you back to your childhood! A timeless classic with summer strawberries flooding back, Jammin’s Strawberry Jam is not to be missed!

5). Summer Holidays – Guava Sunrise Unsurprisingly, Vape Dinner Lady’s Summer Holidays range makes its mark with Guava Sunrise e-liquid. Transporting you to a tropical beach, Guava Sunrise e-liquid infuses guava and cream with a hint of pineapple.

6). The King Of Vapes – Heisenberg The King of Vapes provide their interpretation of the legendary Breaking Bad character with their mysterious, cool blast, with an array of fruits, perfect for the heat.

7). Jammin – Strawberry Sorbet Jammin do it again, with their third appearance in our top ten. Strawberry Jam Sorbet is refreshingly light, offering a cooling sensation with a sweet strawberry jam.

8). Buddha Vapes – Heisenberg Jesse has gone home and Heisenberg is in the lab all day, with the second interpretation of the Breaking Bad character on our list. This time, it’s Buddha Vapes’ turn, offering a mysterious blue menthol blast with fruity undertones.

9). Summer Holidays – Cola Cabana Summer Holidays’ Cola Cabana e-liquid is a thirst-quenching, refreshing juice, with stunning cola and cherry punch.

10.) Juice & Power – Strike (Melon & Wild Berries) The first and last! Juice & Power begin and end out list, with Strike e-liquid, a flawless mix of ripe lemons with wild berries. Refreshing and delicious, Juice & Power Strike is one not to be missed. Browse our range of e-liquids and get your flavour of the summer today!
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