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Cigarettes still more popular than e-cigs.

Cigarettes Still More Popular Than Vaping

According to a new study from Kristy Marynak, public health analyst at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at Duke University, has found that, whilst e-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular, they’re still some way off cigarettes in the United States. Speaking to, Marynak revealed that whilst e-cigarettes made huge ground from 2011 to 2015 and cigarette sales gradually fell, cigarette sales still vastly exceed e-cig sales. “We found that from 2011—2015, cigarette sales decreased slightly and e-cigarette sales increased significantly. However, in 2015, convenience store sales of conventional cigarettes increased for the first time in a decade.” “We also found that cigarette sales continue to dramatically exceed e-cigarette sales in the assessed stores. In the last 4-week period measured, cigarette unit sales exceeded e-cigarettes by 64:1 in convenience stores and by 73:1 in other assessed stores such as supermarkets and drug stores.” E-cigarettes are widely regarded as a healthier option than smoking, and are the most popular method of smoking cessation. It recently emerged that e-cigarettes are not a gateway to smoking.
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