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Innokin Cool Fire IV iSub G Kit - Strong Review From

Cool Fire IV Plus Kit Review

Anyone who visits our stores regularly will know how much we love the original Cool Fire IV kit. So picture my delight when we unexpectedly receive a mysterious little box we'd never seen before, labelled “Cool Fire IV Plus”. Like 5-year-old's on Christmas day, we ferociously tore into the package (completely ignoring the amazing metallic box which we later came back to investigate) to get inside and see what this kit contained. Inside was an absolutely gorgeous metallic black Cool Fire IV plus 70w device, the new iSub G Apex tank, a charging cable and all of the usual manufacturer paperwork and guarantees.

Wow - what a first impression! So we're going to break down the two main components in the box for you and explain why this kit is a must have! Firstly, let’s inspect the Cool Fire IV plus 70w device itself. The device appears almost identical to the original Cool Fire IV; the only difference cosmetically appears to be the buttons. But inside this device sits a 3300mAh battery capable of hammering out 70w of almighty vaping power. Not only is this battery great for the power junkies, but the 3300mAh battery will hold huge battery charge times for people who just want to use this device as intended and not to completely fog out your bus stop, car or living room.

The device has an OLED screen to display battery life, coil resistance and current power setting in watts. The device is capable of variable voltage/watts that can be adjusted via the up and down buttons on the device from 6 – 70watts. There is one aspect we haven’t wrestled yet that makes this kit unmissable for vapers. Not only is this device capable of pushing out 70w, it also fires as low as 0.1 ohm. To people who are already aware of resistances, you will already be relishing the thought of having a pocket-friendly, 70w device with 3300 mAh battery life that can fire your monster builds.

Let’s take a moment to address the people who are new to all of this. All coils have resistances. The majority of cloud chasers like to build very low, “sub ohm” (less than 1 ohm in resistance) coils and pump huge amounts of watts into these builds to produce huge, room-filling clouds. Now the usual range to build these coils of immense cloud production is 0.1 – 0.2ohm. The Cool Fire IV plus is capable of hitting this sub ohm level, with 70w of power to drive your coils hard. Putting it simply, this device is going to last. It prepares you for your advancement in vaping and carries you all the way through to the point where you feel like you want a new device with more power and don’t need a new device to fuel your obsession with clouds. Incredible. Next lets inspect the iSub Apex tank. Sure, you’re already desperate to attain your new kit after hearing all of this information, but it doesn’t stop there.

The iSub Apex tank is the icing on the cake. The iSub Apex is, as stated in the name, a sub ohm tank. This is a great companion to stick on top of the Cool Fire IV plus. You have all the power needed to drive the 0.5ohm coils provided. If not, you can head to your local Cigara where the 0.2ohm coils can be purchased separately. The tank has a 3ml juice capacity, which is standard, accompanied by a huge adjustable airflow to tailor the vape to your own personal taste. What really sets this tank apart is the fact that it is a top fill tank.

When your tank is empty, grab the juice and inject it into the newly unveiled tank filling holes. Rotate the top of the tank to close the tank filling holes and vape. It’s as easy as that! It’s safe to say, the iSub Apex needs no further review. It’s a fantastically built sub tank with great airflow and the convenience of top filling. So after hearing all about this amazing device lets have a look at the prices.

The Cool Fire IV plus kit is available in store for £69.99. When you look at everything the device has and is capable of, it’s an extremely competitive price. Finding a kit that has a 3300mAh 70w battery which fires down to 0.1ohm, accompanied by one of the best top fill tanks available will be a monumental task for even the most scrupulous internet discount shopper. So nip down to your local Cigara and take a look at one of these devices in person. They’re head and shoulders above other kits and are available in various colours. The Cool Fire IV plus kit is a multipurpose mega kit to suit everyone’s needs, whether you’re a first time vaper or sub ohm legend!

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