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Leonardo DiCaprio vaping at the Oscars

Will DiCaprio Defy Academy Award Vaping Ban?

Vaper Leonardo DiCaprio faces a frustrating Oscars night after it was revealed the ceremony would not accommodate electronic cigarettes. He is welcome to attend a smoking section adjacent to the theatre. Or will he just puff inside the ceremony? DiCaprio, nominated for his elusive Best Actor award, would likely send shockwaves throughout the world if he were to vape during the Oscars – and would probably make him even cooler. The decision to ban vaping from the ceremony was a reaction to criticism from the American Lung Association of DiCaprio, after the Revenant star used his e-cigarette at Screen Actors Guild awards. The charity described DiCaprio vaping as “deeply troubling”. It will be interesting to see if Leo infringes the ban on Sunday and if he will incur the wrath of security.
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