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Scientists plays down e-cig and cigarette industry link

E-Cig Expert Plays Down Link Between Tobacco And Vaping Industries

Leading e-cigarette scientist Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos has played down a link between tobacco and vaping industries. Dr Farsalinos, who has established himself as one of the leading e-cig experts in the world, has likened attacks on vaping research funded by Big Tobacco to academic McCarthyism. Speaking at a Glasgow conference that aims to discuss e-cig safety and vaping in public spaces, Farsalinos said scientists feel under pressure not to attend tobacco industry-funded conferences. He was particularly vocal about a range of issues plaguing the vaping industry, such as growing e-cig misconceptions, especially when compared to cigarettes. “We have smokers who believe e-cigarettes are of similar or more harm compared to smoking. Unfortunately these misconceptions are growing – even though there is more and more data and more and more studies.” “E-cigarettes are not absolutely safe, and I wouldn’t recommend people to use them – but they are 95% less harmful than smoking.” “In the case of the conference organised by the tobacco industry – everyone knew that, it was not a secret. I have never been funded by any tobacco company and I have no links with tobacco companies, but I think some of the discussion on who has funded who and what they are saying is misleading.” "Of course studies which are funded by the tobacco industry, you need to approach with caution, but you can not dismiss some high quality research which is being done just because it is being funded by someone you don’t like." According to recent statistics, cigarettes are still more popular than vaping products, but vaping has considerably closed the gap. Vaping is widely considered as the best method of smoking cession, producing no stress response in viable epithelial lung cells.
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