Hon Lik, the inventor of the extremely successful e-cigarette, has slammed Health Minister Professor Mark Drakeford for backing plans to impose a vaping ban. If the move goes ahead, e-cigarettes will be disallowed in the same way cigarettes are from public places. Hon Lik, who invented the device after losing his father to lung cancer, expressed his dissatisfaction with the proposed ban. “I’m very proud that thanks to my invention, millions of smokers have managed to either cut their consumption significantly or stop smoking completely." “That is why I am extremely disappointed to hear that Wales has proposed a ban on vaping in public places." “I believe that e-cigarettes are a key component in a harm reduction approach to cutting smoking rates." “Banning their use in public places is wrong. It sends a contradictory message at a time when authorities have clearly stated that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking.” Prof Drakeford has suggested that e-cigarettes can re-normalise smoking. But Lik believes forcing e-cig users outside like a tobacco smoker could re-lure them and expose vapers to second hand smoke. “It is a message to vapers that vaping is no better than smoking – entirely the wrong message to send, and one which goes against everything I believe in as the inventor of the e-cigarette. “For all of these reasons, I believe that Mark Drakeford is wrong and that his bill should be opposed by all those who share the belief that encouraging vaping has a positive public health impact.”

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