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E-cig regulation can damage the health of smokers, according to experts.

E-Cig Regulation May Damage A Smoker’s Health, Expert Says

Next month’s EU regulation that restricts the sale and marketing of e-cigarettes could have an adverse effect, putting off potential quitters and send users back to tobacco, an expert has warned. The EU’s Tobacco Products Directive presents numerous law changes for vapers to abide to, and there are concerns that regulations could be harmful to public health.

The changes take full effect on May 20th, and an international operations manager from a major e-cigarette provider is wary of the changes, indicating that the changes could have a negative impact on smoker's health. “Vaping and e-cigarettes provide an alternative to people who are trying to quit smoking for their health, said Graham McKenzie. “However, stricter regulations and controls, along with any changes to pricing that may follow, could cause those considering vaping to be put off.”

Moreover, Amanda Sandford, an information manager from Action on Smoking and Health, said that smokers may be “dissuaded from using them (e-cigs) when they’re likely to help them quit”. “That is a concern, because it means they are not making an attempt to stop smoking, and their health will continue to suffer from the effects of smoking.” “E-cigarettes have already proved effective in helping people quit smoking.”

“They are widely used by current and past smokers to help get them off tobacco, and there’s very little evidence of them being used by non-smokers, children or anyone who has not already smoked.” “As a safer alternative to tobacco, we believe they are really proving to be successful.” Elsewhere, research has showed that e-cig regulation pushes teenagers to smoking, and that the effectiveness of e-cigs is damaged by regulation.
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