E-cigarettes can lower heart and blood pressure rates of smokers, a cardiology study has found. It’s common knowledge smoking cigarettes can elevate heart and blood pressure rates, but if a smoker substitutes their traditional tobacco for an e-cigarette, their health could improve tremendously. Dr K Farsalinos, a Cardiologist and electronic cigarette researcher who provided this study, then took aim at legislators looking to ban the devices. "You should fight for your lives and your health. It is absolutely irresponsible and dangerous behaviour to ban e-cigarettes." Dr Farsalinos also challenged claims that humans absorb carcinogens from e-cigarettes, as people don’t puff with enough force to extract these toxins. “All of the studies until now, without exception, were done without considering realistic e-cigarette use,” says Farsalinos. “That was the major problem.” Moreover, he also says some reports over e-cigarettes producing chemicals which are carcinogenic, says there’s “absolutely no evidence hemiacetals are toxic.” This places doubt over currently accepted studies as it’s possible they haven’t properly recreated how people vape.

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