New data released by researchers from Penn State College of Medicine has showed that vapers depend less of their e-cigs than smokers on their traditional cigarettes.

The study, funded by the National Institutes of Health and the Center for Tobacco Products, analysed the tobacco use of 30,000 young and mature adults. This number was then whittled down to 3568 participants that are regular smokers and vapers.

“No doubt about it, e-cigarettes are addictive, but not at the same level as traditional cigarettes,” said Guodong Liu, the lead author of the study. Research has showed that vapers had less cravings and found it easier to refrain from vaping in restricted areas.

Less likely to consider themselves as addicts, vapers tend to use their devices later in their morning than smokers do. In addition to these findings, it’s been found that e-cig regulation could damage a smokers’s health. “We suspect that most e-cigarette users are either experimental users or dual users of e-cigarettes and at least one type of traditional tobacco product, like cigarettes.”

“We want to learn if dual users’ dependence levels differ from each other and also from exclusive e-cigarette or cigarette users.”

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