The Food and Drug Administration has implemented a new rule that will see hundreds of e-cig brands must undergo a lengthy federal review to remain on the market. As the US’s multibillion-dollar e-cigarette attempts to establish itself as the safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, the new federal rules released on Thursday could cripple the progression of the vaping community.

Despite being 95% safer than regular cigarettes, it appears the e-cig battle is set to continue. The harsh rules from the FDA will also attempt to limit sales to minors and demands health warnings for vaping. The FDA began its plan to run the rule over e-cigs back in 2014, and has now successfully claimed control over e-cigarettes in the US.

Unsurprisingly opposed by the industry, e-cig manufacturers now must seek federal permission to continue their marketing initiatives. Like e-cigs themselves, the industry must submit pre-market applications that will be reviewed scrupulously to assess their impact on public health.

If they don’t meet federal standards, whatever they are, the products will be removed from the market. Gregory Conley, president of the American vaping association, says the regulations will prohibit e-cigs, which are universally recognised as less hazardous than regular cigarettes.

“If the FDA’s rule is not changed by Congress or the courts, thousands of small businesses will close in two to three years.”

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