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Element's Fresh Squeeze Review

Element's Fresh Squeeze Review

Be it a glass of Tropicana or sunny delight, or a freshly sliced whole orange, I am a huge orange fan. Any chance I get to have some sort of orange flavour and I’m all over it. So I’m sure you can imagine I was very excited when I saw the Element’s Fresh Squeeze e-liquid.

Anyone who is already familiar with the Element range of e-liquid will know just how incredible the entire range is. The 80/20 dripper series is some of the finest liquid you will ever drip. Heavy on cloud production, while an absolute titan in the flavour game. As I unsealed the Fresh Squeeze, I always like to inhale and see what my taste buds have in store. I took my first vape of Fresh Squeeze and was not disappointed!

The flavours hit you like a delightful ton of bricks. Straight away, my taste buds were hit with a sweet yet organic orange flavour, reminiscent of the Mr Freeze ice pops I used to enjoy as a child, only less synthetic. After a few vapes the flavour really settles in, leaving your mouth with a pleasant taste that reminds you of spending an entire day sucking on orange hard-boiled sweets.

If you are a fan of orange flavours, the Elements Fresh Squeeze e-liquid is something you need in your life. Its flavours are strong whilst not overpowering. I’ve tried a few orange e-liquids and Fresh Squeeze stands head and shoulders above the rest. Get yourself down to your local Cigara and check out how incredible this e-liquid is for yourself.
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