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EU’s New Laws For Vapers

It’s no secret that the vaping revolution is sweeping through the UK, culminating in around 2.6 million users. Helping thousands quit, e-cigarettes are the most effective and the most popular escape route for smokers. However, not everything’s hunky-dory. We previously reported that the EU is trying to raise the tax on e-cigarettes. But they haven’t stopped there.

The Tobacco Products Directive will implement new rules into the vaping society on May 20th. Here is how the changes could affect you. Smaller Refill Containers Some of you may buy refills in bulk to save cash, but it is likely that the maximum size of containers will be 10ml. This will stop bulk-buyers and could cause an overall price increase in the long-term.

Nicotine Content Cut Vapers with stronger addictions could be affected by the maximum strength drop to 20mg. It was previously 24mg, and this could send some vapers back to cigarettes. Smaller Tanks and Cartridges Cartridges will be reduced to 2ml, limiting your vaping experience.

A good example of a small tank that will still be available from Cigara is the Aspire Nautilus Mini. Child-Safe As the popularity of vaping grows, it is increasingly likely that children will come into contact with e-cigarettes. There have been suggestions that youngsters could be drawn to vaping to look cool. Therefore, EU regulation dictates all e-cig related packaging must be ‘child-proof’.

Government Scrutiny E-cigarette manufacturers will be required to submit detailed and transparent information to the government about the products. E-cig makers will have to be on their best behaviour.

E-Cigarette Ban Could Be Real All it takes is three EU member states to call for a ban on e-cigarettes and the elimination process could begin. Scary.
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