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Everything You Need to Know About Pre-Filled Pods and Cartridges

by Lexi Burgess

Everything You Need to Know About Pre-Filled Pods and Cartridges

In the vape world mods, devices, and tanks loom large. Little is known about vape pods and cartridges, which are some of the most essential pieces of your vape kit. Without prefilled e liquid cartridges and pods, there would be nothing to spark the intense flavour sensations that you experience with your pod device. This article tells you everything you need to know about pods and cartridges so that you can stay informed about the things that matter.

Vape pods and cartridges at Cigara

Here at Cigara, we stock prefilled pods from three industry-leading brands. Vapers from all over the country love our selection of JUUL, Vype, and Logic vape pods because they deliver satisfying vape experiences time after time. Our prefilled cartridge option is no exception to the rule. We stock six delicious 10 Motives e liquids, all of which create delicious taste sensations. E cig enthusiasts cannot get enough of this range of cartridges.

What is a vape pod?

A vape pod is a small piece of vape hardware that typically comes in plastic casing. It contains a coil and your choice of e liquid flavouring. Pods eliminate the need to buy separate coils, e liquid, and tanks. With prefilled pods, all of these crucial pieces come together.

Vape pod devices can operate under a closed-pod or an open-pod system. The Logic, JUUL, and Vype products in our range are all closed-pods. This means that they cannot be refilled and need to be disposed of once empty. Each brand in our range also features a click-in system which means that you can rest assured that both your device and pod are secure. 

Who do we recommend vape pods for?

Vape e liquid pods are perfect for vapers who do not want to deal with the laborious process of cleaning tanks. Our customers who are always on-the-go love pods because they also remove the need for refilling a traditional tank, which can lead to accidental spills. Busy individuals can simply click in their new pod and begin vaping immediately. 

Who do we recommend vape pods for?

With a range of delectable pod e liquids from JUUL, Vype, and Logic, there is a flavour for everyone in our online vape shop. Here at Cigara, we cater to all kinds of tastebuds, and pride ourselves on stocking a wide selection of flavours that have been tried and tested by each brand’s loyal customers.

More traditional vapers can browse through our selection and discover the authentic taste of amber tobacco, rich tobacco, and golden tobacco. People who prefer the juicy taste of summer fruits might prefer the vape sensations that come from our wild berry and mango nectar collections. And we have not forgotten about our customers who appreciate an icy mint all-day-vape. Our multi-menthol, glacier mint, and crisp mint flavours are backed by popular demand, and never fail to provide intense flavour experiences.

How much e liquid is in prefilled pods?

It is important to note that each prefilled pod brand comes with a different amount of vape juice. This information can make or break your vape experience, and we recommend choosing e liquid products based on your personal usage.

Beginner vapers should also consider how much nicotine they want to experience in their vape juice mixture. Choosing the wrong nicotine strength can lead to nausea. We only recommend an 18mg strength pod e liquid for our customers who used to smoke ten or more cigarettes a day.

JUUL vape pods contain 0.7mls of e liquid, which equates to approximately 200 puffs. We carry eight delicious JUUL flavours in our online vape shop, each of which are available in either 9mg or 18mg nicotine strengths.

In contrast, Logic enthusiasts will be thrilled to find that their vape pods come complete with a whopping 1.7mls of juice, which translates into 300 puffs. With 18 flavours to choose from, there is something for everyone in this range and there are a variety of nicotine strengths to suit every preference. Choose between 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg options to discover your new favourite vape experience.

We stock two type of Vype pods. Vype ePen and Vype ePod pods are similar in that both contain 1.9mls of e liquid and both are available in either 12mg or 18mg options.Despite this, the ePod dwarfs the ePen’s 200 puff equivalent by providing an astounding 275 vapes.

What is a vape cartridge?

IWe stock vape cartridges from 10 Motives in our online vape shop. These products are slightly different from pods because instead of clicking into the 10 Motives V2 rechargeable device, they screw in.Like the JUUL, Logic, and Vype pods, 10 Motives disposable e liquid cartridges come complete with an e liquid of your choice and a coil.

Beginner vapers should note that whilst Vype occasionally label their prefilled products as cartridges, they are in fact aesthetically more similar to pods and operate on the same click-in system as the other pods in our range.

Who do we recommend vape cartridges for?

The mechanics of pods and cartridges are the same. Each product comes with a coil and your preferred e liquid. The choice between pods and cartridges is often a result of a vaper’s personal preference for the device that each prefilled product is compatible with.

Vape cartridge flavours at Cigara

Our range of 10 Motives vape cartridges spans across six delicious flavours. This brand is ideal for a variety of tastes because of its diverse catalogue.Whether your like fruit-inspired flavours or more traditional notes, look no further than this selection of cartridges. People who prefer sweet sensations will love 10 Motives’ cherry, strawberry, and blueberry flavours, whereas vapers who crave traditional tastes go wild for regular tobacco. If you are searching for an e liquid with a minty note, then 10 Motives menthol prefilled vape cartridges are the way to go.

How much e liquid is in prefilled e liquid cartridges?

10 Motives’ research and development team found that each vape cartridge contains the equivalent of 25 cigarettes. Of course, this depends entirely on your personal vaping style. If you prefer to take frequent and long drags on your vape pen, then you can expect to buy refill cartridges regularly.

Recommended by myCigara

It is important to stock up on cartridges and pods so that you are never without your vape device. We sell multi-packs of pods at an affordable price so that you can prepare for the unexpected.And with our UK free delivery policy, it has never been easier to replenish your prefilled pod and cartridge collection.

Here at Cigara, we listen to our customers.That is why we have introduced bundle offers, which make it easier than ever before to buy all of your vape essentials in one place and at an affordable price. Pod enthusiasts love our 4 for £19.99 Vype ePen refill deal because it means that they can save money while they try all of the different flavours on offer. This deal provides the perfect opportunity for vapers to discover new e liquids that they would not have otherwise tried.

Our selection of vape pods and prefilled cartridges offer a world of delicious sensations for even the most adventurous vaper. Discover pods bursting with summer-inspired flavours as well as nostalgic dessert creations like banoffee and vanilla in our online shop. We recommend flavours like rich tobacco and amber tobacco for vapers who want to return to the classics. Browse through our prefilled pod page to find your new favourite vape pod.

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