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An etiquette group have outlined the normalities for public e-cig use.

Experts: Ask Those Around You Before You Vape

According to etiquette experts Debrett’s, vapers should always ask those in their presence whether they object before they begin operating their e-cig. Deprett’s guide to vaping added that you should never blow vapour into somebody’s face, use in confined spaces like lifts, in restaurants or queues. They added that vaping on public transport, whilst cooking or attending a job interview are also non-advisable. Although your stunning e-liquid from Cigara may smell delectable to you, it may not to others. If you vape at work, Debrett’s have also offered some advice. “Exercise moderation. You wouldn’t want your boss to think you’re more interested in your e-cigarette than your email.” Deprett’s expanded on their assertions after teaming up with an e-cig firm for the guide. “Civilised vaping is dependent on good manners from vapers and non-vapers alike.” Katherine Lewis from Debrett’s said: “Vaping is a relatively modern phenomenon and, as such, etiquette is still being established. “It’s not difficult to be a respectful vaper though – you just need to be courteous and ask permission before engaging in behaviour that may affect others.” Interestingly, an NHS hospital was just the latest to allow e-cig use on its grounds. Moreover, major health body Public Health England has pleaded with employers to let their employees vape, and even allow special vaping rooms so they can properly stop their cigarette addictions.
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