The US Food and Drug Administration are hoping to place electronic cigarettes under their jurisdiction after it was revealed they’re working to devise a new rule. In 2009, a similar ruling was imposed upon the tobacco industry. The move by the FDA comes after significant pressure from politicians who have been squabbling for a tighter control on electronic cigarettes. Many politicians became impatient after the FDA’s Commissioner Margaret Hamburg revealed their plans. The political world is infuriated as it has taken a number of years for this proposal to surface. Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley said the delay has been ‘disgraceful’ and argues products like tutti-frutti e-cigarettes have an ‘insidious strategy to addict our children to nicotine.’ An irate Merkley had no evidence to support his claim that electronic cigarettes were targeting children. Inexplicably, Merkley has declared his support for a report that encourages the FDA to enforce a regulation where the packaging for electronic cigarettes should inform users of the vaping health risks. This would make sense – if there were any known health risks with electronic cigarettes. In addition, the report is pushing for a ban on electronic cigarette advertising as it exclusively targets children, according to supporters. The FDA launched regulations that could seriously damage the electronic cigarette industry. Whilst the vast majority of electronic cigarette brands, suppliers and users will agree that careful regulation would be positive, changes caused by foundation-free reports and myths could cause more damage than benefits.

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