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FDA regulation could cost Wisconsin company $200m.

FDA Regulation Could Cost Wisconsin Company $200m

An e-cig industry in the US could face extinction following the implementation of the Food and Drug Administration’s new regulations, creating an example of the potential damage the “deeming” rules could cause. The FDA began its regulation in May last year and planned to regulation e-cigarettes like regular tobacco. Reportedly, approximately 99% of e-cigarette businesses could be destroyed by the changes. Offering a glimmer of hope to American vapers, President-Elect Donald Trump has been urged to battle the FDA’s regulations. A Wisconsin company has said that they could incur fees to pay of up to $200 due to application and legal costs thanks to the regulations. “If you want to see how regulations can destroy an entire industry, this is it,” said Christian Berkey, CEO. “It's going to cost hundreds of thousands of jobs in the U.S. in one fell swoop. To say this is ridiculous is the understatement of the year.” The company employs 47 full-time workers in Southeast Wisconsin, and all of their jobs could be under threat, along with the e-cigarette manufacturing industry. There is currently uproar within the vaping community against the supposed changes, with may fearing that FDA regulation could send users back to tobacco. Despite the majority of science seemingly backing the use of e-cigs as a smoking cessation method, a third of Americans actually believe that e-cigs are more harmful than regular cigarettes.
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