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FDA regulation threatens small e-liquid businesses

FDA Regulation Threatens Small E-Liquid Businesses

A small US e-liquid manufacturer has warned that the FDA’s regulation threatens to limit the company’s growth. Based in Hartland, the e-liquid brand comes from humble beginnings, starting out in a basement. The company now employs 50 people. However, the new FDA regulation that forces manufactures to submit any product created after February 2007 for a scrupulous review looks set to cause particular damage to small companies. Two Republicans recently launched a bill to amend this potentially damaging regulation, with its outcome still undetermined. There are an array of e-liquid flavours and e-vape juice available from Cigara. President Trump has made several changes since his inauguration, and it’s unlikely that e-liquid regulation is at the forefront of his mind. However, fellow Republicans have urged him to battle FDA e-cig regulation. Heidi Braun, president and chief operations officer, has said that, with the price of submitting each product at $1 million, she may have to shell out $200 million to sell their products, which is threatening to her business and other small businesses. “My biggest fear is it's going to wipe out an industry," Braun said. “We're a small business. We do very well, but we're still a small business, and we want to make sure we still continue to grow during this period.” “I don't think it would put us out of business, but it would drastically change the way we do business,” she said, adding that it’s likely workers will lose their jobs.
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