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FDA will regulate e-cigs like a regular tobacco product.

FDA To Regulate E-Cigs Like Regular Cigarettes

The Food and Drug Administration have announced that it will be regulating e-cigs as if they’re cigarettes, damaging the vaping community greatly. E-cigs, hugely popular all over the world, now face strong regulation in the US courtesy of the FDA. Just some of the changes that have been mused are age limitations, clearer products labels and heightened health warnings moving forward. There was a seeming inevitability about the move after it was revealed in February that e-cigs had been placed under the jurisdiction of the FDA. Now, manufacturers must submit all of their products for review, in which ingredients, safety and emissions data, and the manufacturing process itself, will be scrutinised. An FDA press release stated, “The actions being taken today will help the FDA prevent misleading claims by tobacco product manufacturers, evaluate the ingredients of tobacco products and how they are made, as well as communicate their potential risks.” If you have some time on your hands, check out their 499 page document. "In this final rule, FDA clarifies that although there are many types of ENDS (including ecigarettes, e-cigars, e-hookah, vape pens, personal vaporizers, and electronic pipes), all are subject to FDA's chapter IX authorities with this final deeming rule. Comments regarding ecigarettes, including comments on how the products should be regulated in light of this continuum, and FDA's responses are discussed in the following sections," declares the FDA in its document, clarifying that all types of e-cigarettes will be regulated as a tobacco product. "Although FDA noted in the NPRM that we do not currently have sufficient data about ecigarettes and similar products to fully determine what effects they have on the public health, we identified concerns regarding the toxicants in e-liquid and the exhaled aerosol and the nicotine delivery from e-cigarettes. Comments were divided on the safety and toxicity of e-liquids, ecigarettes, and the exhaled aerosol." "Some studies have found that lower levels of toxicants are observed in e-cigarette aerosols than in combusted tobacco smoke. FDA recognises that specific product design parameters, such as voltage, can affect toxicant deliveries," say the regulators.
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