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FDA regulation will begin on Aug 8.

FDA’s Changes To Take Effect August 8

The Food and Drug Administration’s “deeming” regulations will come into effect on the 8th of August. It has been suggested that the changes could destroy 99% of the e-cig industry. The FDA’s regulations include a scrupulous federal review for virtually all e-cig products on the market. It was revealed at the beginning of May that the FDA were going to regulate e-cigs like tobacco, causing controversy and debate within and outside of the vaping community. As a result, US Senator Ron Johnson has also pressed the FDA for greater transparency on their regulations. Speaking to Newswise, an e-cigarette researcher has commented on the FDA’s regulations. Youn Ok Lee, PhD, is a social scientist specialising in e-cigarette and tobacco health behaviours among adults and youth. She says researchers are trying to find out why e-cigs are appealing to children. "While kids’ use of tobacco cigarettes is going down their use of e-cigarettes is going up. Our research has shown a link between e-cigarette advertising and the increased likelihood of teen use. We need to better understand what makes e-cigarettes appealing to kids so we can prevent them from using these products. Researchers and regulatory authorities are looking closely at the potential influence of flavours and company marketing on kids’ use of e-cigarettes and vapour products." The FDA’s regulation includes the banning of the sale of e-cig products to minors.
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