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Vaping safer than cigarettes, causes less fires.

Firefighter: Vaping Safer Than Tobacco

According to a firefighter, switching from smoking to vaping could reduce deaths by fire. Dan Daly from the London Fire Brigade has said that e-cigs and electronic vaping devices present “fewer fire risks” than cigarettes. New figures have recently shown that the number of people who have died in fires relating to cigarettes have gone up by more than 50% in a year, with 21 people in London dying in smoking-related fires in 2016. There were 1213 smoking-related fires last year. “Our preference is that you stop smoking altogether. But if you must smoke, vaping holds fewer fire risks than cigarettes as butts, ash and matches are often carelessly discarded which leads to fires,” said Daly, assistant commissioner for fire safety. There were no deaths from vaping in the same time period, with just four fires, making vaping safer than tobacco when it comes to home fires. “Quitting smoking is not only good for your health but also makes a devastating fire in your home less likely.” The most common causes of cigarette fires are discarded matches and cigarette butts, overflowing ashtrays or cigarettes stopped by a user who is nodding off. Previously, vapers have been warned about potential dangers of exploding e-cigarettes or fires. A recent study found that vaping is far safer and less toxic than smoking.
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