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Ronnie Wood quits smoking for e-cigs, much to the dismay of Keith Richards.

Get Off My Cloud! - Ronnie Wood Gets Grief From Keith Richards for Switching to E-Cigs

Rolling Stones legend Ronnie Wood, 69, has began his quest to quit smoking by taking up e-cigs, much to the dismay of his band-mate Keith Richards. Wood wants to regain his health after his wife Sally gave birth to twin girls last month. According to an unnamed source, Wood is giving up cigarettes for good and is very serious about it, puffing on his vape stick constantly. “It’s the longest he’s gone without cigarettes in fifty years,” the source said. “But while Sally is over the moon Keith has been telling everyone he looks ridiculous.” But it seems Keith is REALLY unhappy with Ronnie's switch to e-cigs … “Keith says giving up fags shows a ‘complete lack of commitment’ which has amused Ronnie no end.” “Keith jokingly told Ronnie they might as well not be pals seeing as they can no longer drink or smoke together anymore.” Based on what we know, it certainly seems Wood has made the right decision. The Royal College of Physicians recently recommended giving e-cigs to smokers looking to quit, and is the most popular method of quitting. And the Rolling Stones guitarist isn’t the first celebrity vaper, or cele-vaper, either. He joins other A-listers like Leonardo DiCaprio, who was recently spotted at Coachella with his vaping device, and Ben Affleck, who’s been seen a few times in Beverly Hills using an e-cig.
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