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Half of North East Smokers Start Vaping to Quit

An incredible 50% of smokers in the North East have quit and have begun vaping to kick their habits, a study has revealed. The research released on No Smoking Day by University College London also showed that 72% of vapers have given up cigarettes entirely. 92% of the converted vapers said they made the switch to help them quit cigarettes, strengthening the case for widespread e-cigarette use in the UK. Considered 95% safer than normal tobacco, e-cigarettes have enjoyed remarkable success over the last few years. There are around 2.6 million users in the UK, and it has reported that thousands have quit thanks to the devices. Professor Robert West has encouraged smokers who have failed to quit to give it another go with e-cigarettes. "We can do much better in encouraging more smokers in the North East to try to stop and ensure that they are well informed about the best ways of succeeding." "The strongest evidence is for use of a prescription medicine plus specialist behavioural support but e-cigarettes can be helpful for smokers who do not want to use professional support.” 75% of the surveyed said they'd like to see more research into potential long term effects of e-cigarettes, and 17% felt confused about the information they receive about the potential long term effects. Ailsa Rutter, director of Fresh, is worried that some smokers might still ignore all of the evidence and believe e-cigarettes are just as harmful as normal tobacco. “Electronic cigarettes do not contain tar and are much less harmful than tobacco on the current evidence. It is clear they have helped tens of thousands of smokers to stop." As well as being substantially safer than regular tobacco, e-cigarettes are widely considered more effective than existing nicotine replacement therapies.
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