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Health experts are calling for more research into the long term effects of e-cigs.

Health Experts Call For More E-Cig Research

In order to prove that vaping is a viable alternative nicotine replacement therapy, there is need for further research into the long term health effects, according to health experts in India. E-Cigs are widely considered the best method of smoking cessation and evidence shows that vaping has helped thousands quit cigarettes. However, there have been some claims that e-cigs are a gateway or normalise smoking, and attract youngsters due to their appealing flavours. In response, scientists in India are calling for more research to determine the long term effects of vaping and to see whether e-cigs should be considered a viable method of quitting smoking. Mr Siddiqi, chairman of the Cancer Foundation of India and R N Sharan, a Professor of biochemistry at North-Eastern Hill University have written to Health Minister J P Nadda outlining e-cigs and their beliefs. "The Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS), which is more popularly known as electronic cigarette or e-cig, has emerged as a new generation NRT (nicotine replacement therapy). Systematically reviewing all the available literature on ENDS recently, one of us found that it may also offer an effective method of tobacco-smoking cessation," they said. "We, believe that ENDS to become a promising alternative NRT, there is an immediate need of further research on its long-term health effects. Furthermore, regulation should be put in place for quality controls and limiting its sale to adults only." "Finally, proof of compliance with safety and quality standards should be made mandatory for the manufacturers and retailers to ensure availability of safe products in the market," the letter states. There has already been a significant amount of research into e-cigarettes, with the majority of mainstream science siding in their favour as a valid form of smoking cessation. The Royal College of Physicians recommended doctors to prescribe e-cigs to those who wish to quit smoking, and a recent study found there is no oxidative lung cell stress response like there is with regular cigarettes. It remains to be seen what further research is conducted.
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