Health body Public Health England have advised employers to create special vaping rooms for their employees, as forcing them outside undermines their attempts to quit. PHE have urged employers to make e-cigs “the more convenient option”, as traditional tobacco is considered much more harmful.

They have also suggested that vapers should be given extra break-time to accommodate their habit, needing time to fill up their devices. “Vapers should not be required to use the same space as smokers, as this could undermine their ability to quit smoking and stay smokefree, particularly among those most heavily addicted,” say PHE.

“To maximise the number of smokers switching to e-cigarettes, vaping should be made a more convenient, as well as safer, option.” PHE have acknowledged that e-cigs are around 95% safer than regular tobacco in the past, and are continuing to support vaping despite harsh recent regulation. They have demanded that employers distinguish between vaping and smoking.

In the US, the FDA plan to regulate e-cigs like regular tobacco, causing huge controversy and debate. Professor Kevin Fenton, National Director of health and wellbeing from PHE reiterated the health body’s views that e-cigs were clearly much less harmful than regular cigarettes and said that vaping devices are helping many smokers quit. “This new framework will encourage organisations to consider both the benefits and the risks when developing their own policies on e-cigarettes.”

“Different approaches will be appropriate in different places, but policies should take account of the evidence and clearly distinguish vaping from smoking.” The PHE added that vaping should only be banned in schools and places where children are present.

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