An eight-year-long smoker has produced a detailed report of how an e-cigarette helped him stop smoking traditional tobacco. Worcester News Reporter Chris Plant was given an e-cigarette to try to kick the habit and got there in the end. "I had been a smoker for eight years before I thought it was time to kick the habit," explains Plant, writing for Worcester News. "I wasn't overly convinced about it at first, but decided to give it a go." Plant explained that he most craved a cigarette when he normally smoked one. These times were the morning, lunchtime and bedtime. "These were the best fags of the day, especially the one before bed... Ahh, I feel reminiscent just thinking about it while I write this." After a week of using the e-cigarette profusely, he felt proud of his achievement. Then, he described the second week as "very easy". Plant is now six weeks without a cigarette and very happy about that. Although he now believes he has an e-cigarette addiction, he's now relishing that challenge. "It's done exactly what it's meant to, so I would definitely recommend it to anyone who's thinking about quitting." Similarly, an 82-year-old American by the name of Mr Hoover has produced a heart felt account of how "e-cigarettes saved his life". In a letter to the Des Moines Register, Mr Hoover talks about bringing his 65 year smoking habit to an end. He also recommends a "common sense" approach to the use of e-cigarettes.

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