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How to fill a tank or clearomiser

How to Fill Your Tank or Clearomiser

Vapers will have to fill their tanks and clearomisers with e-liquid fairly often. How often depends on the rate of your vaping. It’s important you know how to fill your tank or clearomiser so you can vape when and where you want to. Believe it or not, there are some errors vapers make filling their tanks. If you overfill, spill or misdirect your e-liquid, it could go to the mouthpiece instead of the tank. Some clearomisers and tanks are filled from the top after unscrewing the mouthpiece or drip tip and some are filled from the bottom by disconnecting the battery to expose the filling aperture. It’s very important that you’re accurate with your refilling. It helps if your e-liquid bottle has a long, thin spout to control the flow. E-liquid bottles from Cigara are normally well equipped to pour juice into your tank or clearomiser smoothly. If your e-liquid bottle has a short spout or pours uncontrollably, it’s best to buy needle-tip plastic bottles in different sizes. Once refilled, ensure all of your kit components are firmly re-constructed to avoid leakage. You should leave your clearomiser for five minutes to ensure the coil is properly soaked. Then, you’re in the clear for happy vaping!
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