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IBVTA Comments On EU Excise Tax On Vape Products

As part of their review of the Tobacco Excise Directive, the European Commission is currently determining whether to introduce an EU-wide excise tax for vaping products. This is because some members of the EU and the European Commission are worried that differing tax structures and rates for e-cigarettes and accessories across different states may have implications for competition and the functionality of the market. Back in 2016, an MEP said that proposed tax hikes on vaping will stop smokers from quitting. The Independent British Vape Trade Association have been very vocal in their opposition to the proposed excise for vape products or any further taxation. “Either on our own or with the IVVA we have met with politicians and officials in the UK and Brussels to ensure that the concerns of the independent vape industry are always on their agenda,” the IBVTA wrote on their website. “Whilst others have been pushing for the introduction of excise, IBVTA has opposed it. Where possible, we have also provided opportunities for vapers to meet with officials gathering data for the Commission. We did this because we felt it was vital that the Commission were aware of the impact such a proposal would have a vapers and smokers.” The IBVTA believes that due to the immaturity of the industry and the market, it is unlikely “that they will make any concrete proposal to introduce common EU rules on the taxation of vape products this year”. “As an association, we will continue to work with our members, our friends in the IVVA, and the wider independent vape industry across Europe to constructively fight proposals for an EU-wide excise regime,” the IBVTA concluded.
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