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Law Changes Vapers Need To Know

E-cigarettes have surged to the mainstream over the last couple of years as they have been proven more effective than other nicotine replacement therapies. But, in spite of the success, there have numerous calls for strengthened regulation of e-cigarettes, with the new Tobacco Products Directive classifying e-cigarettes as tobacco products. The EU is working to raise the tax on e-cigarettes as so many smokers have switched to vaping, and have caused a loss of money generated. E-cigarettes could soon be taxed like tobacco. So here are some new rules administered by the EU into play on the 20th of May. 1) Smaller Refill Containers Instead of there being no limit on the size of refill containers, the new maximum size will be 10ml. This means vapers can’t bulk buy to save money and could cause an overall price increase. 2) Nicotine Content Fall The new maximum strength will be 20mg, a fall from the previous ceiling of 24mg. 3) Smaller Cartridges and Tanks Cartridges will be reduced to 2ml. 4) Child-Safe Due to the sheer volume of vapers, there have been suggestions that they could become popular with school children and statistics show more teens are vaping than smoking. Under new EU regulation, all e-cigs and related packaging must be 'child proof'. American company Kush Bottles have launched a child-safe range of packaging. 5) Greater Government Scrutiny E-cigarette manufacturers will be asked to disclose detailed and transparent information to governments about the products and what they contain. 6) Could Cause Complete Ban All it takes is three EU member states to express a desire to ban e-cigarettes, it will be possible to initiate processes towards banning them.
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