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List of countries that can imprison vapers

List Of Countries Where You Could Be Jailed For Vaping

Although vaping and e-cigarettes are generally tolerated in most countries, and even supported or endorsed by health officials in few, there are some countries that do not allow e-cigarettes and vaping. You could be locked up in jail if you vape in some countries, many of which are popular tourist destinations for UK citizens.

Before you travel anywhere for your holiday this summer and beyond, please ensure you research thoroughly the nation’s attitude and laws around e-cigs. There are a reported 3 million British vapers today, and you could face up to 10 years in prison if you take your vape kit to a country that does not allow vaping.

Here are some popular tourist destinations that do not allow vaping:

• India (potential jail time)
• Philippines (potential jail time)
• Thailand (potential jail time)
• Vietnam
• Lebanon
• Cambodia
• United Arab Emirates
• Singapore
• Indonesia
• Jordan
• Oman
• Egypt
• South Africa (e-cigs or e-liquids containing nicotine)
• Malaysia (e-cigs or e-liquids containing nicotine)
• Australia (Queensland and Northern Territories (e-cigs or e-liquids containing nicotine))

Given how popular, sophisticated and often “Westernised” some of the countries on the list are, it will shock many to find that e-cigs could be confiscated in some holiday destinations and you could even face jail time. Many parts of India have banned vaping, and a man was recently jailed for three years. If you vape in public in the Philippines, you could face up to four months in prison due to a new ban on vaping in public spaces.

Some countries’ laws are more equivocal than others, so it’s important you do your research on the country and city or resort before you travel. Despite support from many MPs, vaping has remained banned in Australia following an unsuccessful year-long inquiry by a parliamentary committee.

The Indonesian government has been accused of siding with tobacco companies. With one of the world’s highest smoking rates, Indonesia has suffocated the vaping industry and culture, and is now banned, despite tobacco advertising still being lawful. As previously documented, vaping in Thailand could lead to a ten year prison sentence.
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