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Local E-Cig Bans Stop Smokers Quitting, US Study Finds

Vaping bans are making it more difficult for Americans to quit smoking, according to a new public health report by the R Street Institute. Numerous health experts and medical personnel have indicated that e-cigarettes are an effective way to help smokers quit, despite the US Government and local governments imposing vaping legislation. Other studies recently have found that a US vaping ban could increase cigarette sales, and that switching to e-cigs could cause fewer premature deaths. The report by the R Street Institute echoed many of these sentiments, asserting that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking as e-cigs deliver nicotine without tobacco. Statistics have shown that 34% of e-cig users in 2016 were former smokers, indicating that vaping has helped a significant amount of smokers quit. “It cannot be concluded from this cell culture that e-cigarette vapour actually has toxic or carcinogenic effects in humans who use these products," says Dr. Michael Siegel, a professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences at Boston University School of Public Health told the Daily Caller. US regulation has faced some resistance from lawmakers from the Republican Party, with Tom Cole and Sanford Bishop earlier this year introducing a bill to save vapers from FDA regulation. The FDA’s regulation of e-cigs in the US is a long-running saga, in which even president Donald Trump has been implicated. Since Trump’s victory, he has been urged to battle the Food and Drugs Administration’s e-cig regulation by his fellow republicans.
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