Lord Forsyth, a former Tory cabinet member, has said that the EU’s e-cig regulations within the Tobacco Products Directive will cost lives. Following Brexit, Lord Forsyth wants UK ministers to create “evidence based” rules.

Lord Forsyth has labelled warnings for e-cigarettes, limitations of nicotine levels and advertising restrictions as “utterly absurd” and “North Korean stuff”. "This is a classic example of gold plating of European regulations by the UK health department," said Lord Forsyth during a debate on the TPD. “ will undoubtedly cost lives,” added Lord Forsyth.

The TPD lead to a number of new proposed laws for vapers and but Brexit has left the status of the TPD unclear. Lord Forsyth’s Tory colleague Lord Callanan, who began a motion to block the TPD, joined Lord Forsyth by defending and supporting e-cigarettes, pointing out that they are “by far the most popular gateway out of smoking”.

Lord Callanan lamented the decision to ignore evidence that shows e-cigarettes are 95% safer than regular cigarettes. "Yet given all that evidence these regulations will reduce by 95% the number of products on the market, ban stronger liquids favoured by many vapers and ban virtually all forms of advertising," said Lord Callanan. Lord Callanan’s motion was defeated by 91 votes to 57.

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