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Maintain your vaping - How often should you change your coils?

Maintain Your Vaping – How Often Should You Change Your Coils?

Once you’ve purchased your e-cigarette, there are only two elements that need to be bought time and time again: e-liquid and coils. Just in case you’re unaware, the coil is the part of the e-cig that heats the e-liquid, creating vapour. There are many factors that determine how long your coil will last. The most important factors are the PG to VG ratio, how often you vape and how much power is running through the coil. So if you’re an avid vaper who loves high VG e-liquids, powerful mods and is vaping all day, it’s important you have access to good, affordable coils, because you will likely need them in abundance. You will become aware that your coil is dying whilst you’re vaping. The death of a coil begins as you experience decreased vapour production. Then, you’ll notice leaking, unflattering gurgling noises, poor flavour or even no vapour production at all. You may also experience a burning taste as your vape. This is because the coil is burning out under strain, and it’s a regular occurrence when you’re a vaper. It’s very difficult to assess how often on average coils need changing, as it depends on the factors discussed. If you’re a heavy vaper, it is estimated that you will need to replace your coil every five to seven days. Moderate vapers, those who vape fairly often but only have a few drags, will have to replace their coils approximately every fortnight. Light vapers, those who just vape here and there, could survive with coil for around three weeks. However, it is recommended you replace your coil as soon as you experience any of the warning signs. Thankfully, Cigara offer an excellent selection of e-cigarette coils that are some of the best e-cig products available. The Aspire Nautilus BVC coils are first class designs, consisting of organic cotton, and enlarged wicking holes to ensure better absorption, better flavour and better clouds. Happy vaping!
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