An e-cigarette retailer has carried out a study that aims to determine what the average vaper looks like, and have found surprising results. The marketing of e-cigarettes does normally attract young, hipster-looking males, aged between 20-30, doesn’t it? The study has found that the majority of vapers are older than 40, at 66.6%. Vapers aged under 30 was at a more modest 15.5%. Vapers over 50 was at 39.3%, over 60 at 15.7%, and over 70 at 1.6%. Perhaps more importantly, the study found that 83.5% of participants had quit smoking entirely since they started to use e-cigarettes. This information isn’t surprising given the data and reports that have come from the mainstream scientific community. It has been reported that vaping doubles a smoker’s chances of quitting cigarettes, and that e-cigarettes are the best method of quitting smoking. The percentage of vapers who were aiming to quit smoking was at 13.2%. Male vapers held the majority of the numbers, with 76% dwarfing the 24% of female vapers.

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